Thursday, April 30, 2015

VIP Tickets an evening with Al Pacino



AN EVENING WITH PACINO marks a welcome return to London following a sold out night at the Palladium in 2013, and will celebrate one of the most acclaimed careers in acting history in a theatre setting, with the actor himself, as he shares his passion for acting and directing.  The evening will explore his time Off-Broadway in the ‘60s right up to the present day, and will include some never heard before stories and some never before seen clips, as well as the rare chance to speak directly with Pacino.
“I’m very excited to be presenting these special events with Al Pacino,” said Michael Cohl, “he is one of the most talented actors of all time and to see him live, in person, and to hear his stories, and watch him go in and out of his most famous characters, is truly a unique experience”.
Al Pacino has created some of the most indelible character portrayals in cinema history, starring in over forty films that include The Godfather Trilogy, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Scent of a Woman, Sea of Love, Dick Tracy, Heat, Scarface, Any Given Sunday, Donnie Brasco, Angels in America and most recently You Don’t Know Jack and Phil Spector for HBO. He is an eight-time Academy Award nominee and an Oscar Award winner for his performance in Scent of a Woman. His performances for HBO have garnered Golden Globe and Emmy awards for Angels in America and You Don’t Know Jack. He is one of the rare winners of the triple crown of acting: the Oscar, Tony and Emmy Award. He is also the winner of the 2012 National Medal of Arts, AFI Life Achievement Award and American Cinematheque Award.

With an enduring devotion to acting, Pacino has become one of film and theatre’s most
honored players and one of the most famous and loved actors in the world. AN EVENING WITH PACINO is, undoubtedly, an exceptional opportunity to catch an icon in the flesh.


Mayweather vs. Pacquiao The Boxing Fight of the Century

The Fight of the Century Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, announced as the Fight of the Century, is an upcoming boxing match between undefeated, five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather Junior and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Boxing VIP Packages Disagreements between the two boxers’ camps prevented the dual to be carried out; however, after 5 years of hype, speculation and near misses, Floyd Mayweather Junior and Manny Pacquiao will finally get it on in Las Vegas on Saturday, 2nd May 2015. Predictions say that Mayweather-Pacquiao would be the highest grossing fight in history as early as 2009. It’s the fight you wanted $300million fight of the century in Las Vegas on May 2. 2015
... and we have the VIP Hospitality Package you need.
Biggest Ever Fight of the Century | Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight | 02MAY at MGM Grand Las Vegas
The Fight of the Century
MGM Grand Arena Hospitality VIP Tickets, Las Vegas. High End VIP Tickets for MGM Grand Garden Resale

VIP Hospitality Ticket options:
£8,000 per ticket (any of the 200 sections)
The blocks from 1 to 24 are divided into 3 sections. They are designated as: Lower 100s,
Middle 100s, and Upper 100s.
- Upper 100s (includes 100s section from the upper seats): £14,500 per ticket
- Middle 100s: £18,000 per ticket
- Lower 100s: £22,000 per ticket
- Sections B, D, F, H (at the corners of the RING): Rows 1 to 19 - £35,000 per ticket
- Sections G, C, A, E: Rows 16 to 19 - £42,000 per ticket
- Sections G, C, A, E: Rows 11 to 15 - £48,000 per ticket
- Sections G, C, A, E: Rows 6 to 10 - £55,000 per ticket
- Sections G, C, A, E: Rows 1 to 5 - £85,000 per ticket
The VIP tickets are also available in pairs.
The seats won’t be assigned until 24 hours before the fight – the tickets will be personally
handed over in Las Vegas. The seating setup on the picture above is subject to change at the
venues discretion.
Moreover, the prices are changing constantly until the order is confirmed and the funds are
received – as the availability decreases, the prices increase.
Please note that if the fight is cancelled or the tickets are not produced for whatever reason,
client will receive a full refund.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cannes Party

I have two tickets to the ‘The Hunger GamesCatching Fire’ Cannes Party at Baoli Beach during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Tickets are € 2350 + VAT each

Pitch Perfect 2 Official World premiere and After Party

I have two tickets for premiere and after party Pitch Perfect 2 for in Los Angeles.

Tickets are €3000 + VAT each.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Eva Longoria Dinner Party on 14th May 2015 at Cannes

We have tickets to the Eva Longoria Dinner Party on 14th May 2015 during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Includes a picture/photo with Eva.

·         It’s a sit down dinner and drinks.
·         Photo with Eva.  
·         Eva she invites her celebrity friends.
·         It's a charity event for children.

3000,00 + VAT per person

Hospitality VIP Tickets FA Cup Final on 30th May @Wembley

We have Hospitality  VIP tickets available for the FA Cup Final on 30th May @Wembley (UK)

VIP Tickets

Seat in Club Wembley - Long Side (VIP)

· Middle Tier location – great view!

· Seating together, wide padded seats with arm rests

· Separate entrance to stadium for Club Wembley Ticket holders – no queues!

· Access to Club Wembley lounges, bars and restaurants
· Betting facilities

· Souvenir match program included for all football events

· 90,000 capacity, the largest all covered stadium in the world.

· No dress code
· Stadium opens 2.5 hours prior to event start (Pregame appetizer catering included!).

With these tickets you will see the whole Trophy ceremony from up-close and with the best view in the stadium!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



Is the biggest maddest and LOUDEST Boat during Kings Day in Amsterdam it's a feast of a fest! Non stop dancing, drinking, etc, etc! 
Invite only tickets are 65 EUR each for Regular Tickets, VIP Package 125 EUR each.

EVENT, for Kings Night!
The Austin Powers Flower Parade!
Ready to take a psychedelic trip back to the sixties with us? 
Think Woodstock, The Beatles and Summer of Love. When love was free and everyone was turning on, tuning in and dropping out. Find your inner hippie, open up your closet and get out the colors, flower dresses and suede shorts. 

Come join us in our little world of crazy daisy days. 
Raise the flag, let the flowers bloom and celebrate! .

See link for Flower Parade:

Price indication: 
Regular Tickets: 17,50 EUR 


As mentioned I herewith refer you to our latest site to have a look at our unique luxury chambers for stay overs  and our Grand Mansions for a grand stay  with a minimum of 2 days stay required.

GRAND STAY,  at 1 location.

We can also transform our Mayer Manor Mansion to suit a grand stay over for 6 persons by offering the entire Grand Mayer Mansion as a unique Estate with three king size beds, Private Breakfast and Dinner, Private Masseuse  and Private Driver 

Price Indication: 3.500 EUR 
Per day with all full services mentioned above.  

LUXURY STAY'S, For 2 persons per location

We can offer you three Private Estate Chamber for a total of 2 persons per location, namely: 
The Mayer Manor, Secret Chapel and The Great Barn.

Luxury Chambers:
Approx: 485 EUR 
Per Luxury Chamber, per night, including room, minibar and cleaning services.

GRAND SERVICES, per location 

Private Drivers:
For all three locations we can provide a private Chauffeur with a luxury wagon on call and at your service, during your stay with us.

Price Indication: Approx 175 EUR
Per luxury wagon driver, in Amsterdam, per day.

Private Chef Cuisine:
At the Mayer Manor Estate we can provide you with a unique private dinner in our Grand Mayer Hall with private entertainments.

Price Indication: Approx 145 EUR
Per person, for a 4 course meal.

Private Cocktail Shakers:
Tailored drinking package for 6 persons.

Price Indication: Approx 85 EUR per person 


Private Dancers:
A deluxe Private striptease at location for a splendid eve of enticement!

Price Indication: 225 - 350 Per Dancer

Burlesque Dancers:
Private Burlesque ladies to share a drink with or accompany the group for dinners and put on a show debut either way!

Price Indication: 450 - 800 Per Dame

- VIP Entree some of the local Parties

and many more